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Do you know what permaculture is ?

Do you know what permaculture is ?
Do you know what permaculture is ?

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This month, we want to focus on an agricultural practice that will give us food for thought : permaculture.

Permaculture is a very serious production-oriented agricultural practice but totally ORGANIC.


The principle is modeled from nature to achieve synergy between crops. Thus, nature does not do monoculture farming but favours diversity and density, and it is that notion that permaculture aims at replicating; In Normandy, Bec Hellouin farm grows hundreds of species on 1000M2 plots of land.

The result : crop yields are far higher than in standard intensive agriculture, without using pesticides or machines. Only 700m2 are needed to generate a salary compared to several hectares in the standard system !

You can already see what we are driving at..

What if we did « perma-management » : learning from what nature has understood to replicate it to our own management practice ?

Humans are extremely diverse and are better at creating than replicating (unlike ants)…However, they are managed as if they were ants : specialised skills, not much active listening, frequent sacrifices.

What if effervescence and transgression, which are natural inclinations in Man, became the priorities of management ?

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