Advisory notice

Contercurrent management

12 09 2016


In this newsletter, we try to revisit the dogmas of many companies and many leaders: "all ambitions must be clear and precise"; "all indicators should be SMART (simple, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time-based)". This seems like common sense, but it also leads to caricatural and obvious ambitions ("Be the leader", "Be the reference of...", "double our turnover"), meanwhile the indicators mountains overwhelm us...  a kind of intensive agriculture management!


By the way, do you know the perma-culture? Returning to what exists in nature, this method replaces the monoculture by a more diverse and less ordered agriculture, with incredible results.


What if we try the perma-management?


Have a good reading,


Patrick Bois, Charles-Henri Colonna and the Albus team

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