Your change issues , in practice

Achieving an ERP project
a technical reorganization project
a continuous improvement project, etc..

These projects are very often slowed down or blocked by the passivity of teams. This passive attitude has three major causes :

  • Lack of understanding (« Why set that objective ? What is my contribution ?"»)
  • Lack of prioritization (« It feels like a multi-layered cake of superimposed priorities ! »)
  • Failure to follow-up, to value, to redefine. which results in discussing objectives and results only once a year, in January.

Achieving success requires 3 conditions:


Choosing a limited number of objectives and explaining what is at stake, and the reasons for the choice so that the collaborator is able to easily infer HIS benefit and HIS contribution.


The proposed action needs to inherently bear what it takes to spark interest and enthusiasm, even if the expected result is uncertain.

Some freedom

Even if the objective is often imposed, each actor needs enough elbow room to stop being in executing mode and really own the project.

See a concrete exampleDeveloping the quality of service in a transport system of the north of France

The request The request:

Developing the quality of service in a transport system of the north of France

The issue : The issue ::

Providing quality service has always been an issue in a transport company ; turning it into a quickly resolved project is therefore doubly complicated :
Everyone feels they have already experienced a project like that one, which in fact led to nothing..and because everyone has the impression that what they are doing is already the right thing to do, they have trouble understanding "why" it should change.

What was achieved What was achieved:


"Translate" the quality service issue in 10 "mini local transformations", defined and driven by each manager with drivers in buses.


Organise a quarterly event gathering 100% of the supervising staff around the "quality service" issue : 50% results- 50% sharing on actions to be undertaken.


Implement GAPs ( group of 4 managers who analyze practices) to identify the new efficient behaviors to disseminate on all bus lines.

The results The results:

  • Reduced delays and and above all early arrivals .
  • Improved hospitality on board was acknowledged in all the satisfaction surveys.
  • Drastic drop in the social mobilization of drivers.

Team merger,
Implementation of a new organization
removal, etc

Any transformation consists of a technical part and a human part.
The technical challenges are paradoxically often easier to deal with because they are directly the result of your expertise.
The human dimension on the other hand, is not as simple to monitor : There is a risk of conflict, the risk of passivity is often huge.

In both cases, you risk failure or deadlock.

The key to success is to go from an imposed project to a chosen one.
To achieve that, it is necessary to :

an ambition

which goes beyond technique and proposes an extraordinary adventure to the teams.

Accompany each managerial level

until the field manager is able to undertake and defend the project in his own words .

Making it possible for the teams to


propose, commit themselves to implementing the goals you will have defined.

See a concrete exampleImplementing "Lean Manufacturing" principles in an automobile factory in Brittany.

The request The request:

Implementing "Lean Manufacturing" principles in an automobile factory in Brittany.

The issue : The issue ::

Although the Lean approach appealed to the board of directors, it was received rather coolly by the staff :

  • This is a tool box that was designed by experts for the operational staff but which the latter never asked for.
  • It deals with issues pertaining to the method and rigor to be used
    (knowing how to do it) but does not deal with the issue of desire ( how to inspire the staff to do it)
  • For ground staff, it is considered as an additional constraint, or even as an approach that "kills jobs".

What was achieved What was achieved:


Start by deploying an ambition
"to be the pioneers of the group in implementing the best production techniques " . This positions Lean Manufacturing as a solution.


Organize and lead the discussion between Lean experts and the managers to make it possible for the latter to express their needs and take part in building a new operative model.


Have an event gathering the 300 managers of the site with each presenting a roadmap and publicly committing themselves to the success of Lean Manufacturing in the factory.

The results The results:

  • Achieving objectives, quality, costs, deadline that were set at the start of the mission.
  • A positive Lean Manufacturing approach that is accepted by the whole factory and facilitated by 100 % of the managers.
  • An appropriate approach, reproducible for the next tools of continuous progress.

Keeping the milestones of a project,
obtaining a breakthrough in
a priority target, etc.

It is rare for a project to be settled in 3 months, for others, the risk of losing momentum is high
and the project might perpetually be "in progress"

  • The actors are slow to see the fruit of their efforts The most active actors are prone to weariness and those who resist change will use that to their advantage.
  • Each actor is focused on his perimeter to achieve his results. So, transversal subjects (interfaces) are not dealt with.

What is needed in order to succeed is an action model :

which will make progress,

success and failure of a project visible in a simple but very efficient manner .

Which will distribute roles

by providing support to the operational staff.

Which will be punctuated by collective moments

that promote those who act and put pressure on those who do less or nothing at all.

See a concrete exampleDevelop operators' interest in reducing WCR in metallurgy.

The request The request:

Develop operators' interest in reducing WCR in metallurgy.

The issue : The issue ::

Metallurgy is a sector with long business cycles, the Working Capital Requirement (WCR) is high, accounting for 50% of the annual turnover. The reduction in WC is thus a permanent challenge , but is carried through by the management as it is unclear for the field staff :

  • because it is a global and financial indicator which does not correspond to concrete on-site reality.
  • ...and because the actions, are long term, give off the impression that they are always in progress, endless.

What was achieved What was achieved:


Break down the project until each agent clearly identifies , for his team : a lever of reduction in the WC ( reducing stocks, production time, deadlines, etc..) and an amount in euros.


Implement a daily visual on-site animation in order to :
reap the operators' propositions on the subject + measure the gains and the gap against the goal that was set.


Doing workshop rounds for the whole executive committee which coaches each manager with regard to his team's contribution

The results The results:

  • A 20% decrease in the company's global WCR .
  • Turning it into a daily workshop during which each participant can explain his contribution.

Rebound after a PSE (job redundancy plan),
Keep the teams motivated in a plant closure situation.
Regain momentum after a long and difficult strike,
Win back an area that was abandoned by the managing board, etc...

Whatever the subject (strike, closure, job-redundancy plans), the difficulty is to find a way out of a sterile discussion as to "why" in order to focus on "how to restart":

  • While uncertainty is high and the immediate reflex could be to recoil.
  • By taking advantage of the fact that whatever the situation , the best thing to do is to create the conditions that make it possible to to make the most of an inevitable situation.

To succeed it is necessary to :

Help the managers to

grieve and get over the
established order

and work with them on a project that makes it possible to make the most of the situation ( versatility, adapting work stations, etc...)

Reboosting courage

to managers so that they will dare to engage in dialogue on the ground.

Give them support in deploying ,in their teams,

an approach by playing with the pride of working hand in hand despite past and future difficulties.

See a concrete exampleAccompany the shutdown of a pharmaceutical site.

The request The request:

Accompany the shutdown of a pharmaceutical site.

The issue : The issue ::

  • Employees' emotional reactions in all its most extreme expressions
    (tears, panic, depression, verbal and sometimes even physical abuse ).
  • The need to launch a successful project to overcome the months to come that requires the commitment of those employees.

What was achieved What was achieved:


Long front-end time was spent with all 20 managers of the site to cobuild the project with great freedom of wording and modus operandi .That is what made it possible for them to accept the project.


Ensuring that everyone feels the courage and strength to "stand on the podium", alone facing their team, to support the project thanks to "the pride of working together"and client professionalism "


Accompany each manager to help him engage , one by one, as many team actors as possible.

The results The results:

  • The goals were achieved and even surpassed until the effective shutdown of the site.
  • A gradual exit from the company for some employees while, little by little, the rest of the team dealt with the new tasks distribution.