In practice, your change challenges

Problems encountered

"My teams are asleep, I find them less and less combative.."

My project is seen as a constraint, and very few people take any real action ; yet it is vital for us..."

"My teams feel that it is one priority after another, my project is viewed as one more project ..."

Faced with the seriousness of the situation, nobody dares take action..."

Our solutions

Winning support



finding a way out

The theory, our method

Between two visions of change, ALBUS has chosen which side it is on...And you ?

Spending all one's time explaining the rationale of the project.

Trying to convince those who who reject the project.

Mobilizing internal and external experts to pilot change

Planning one week at a time and checking the meters at the end of the year.

Investing in emotion and promoting desire and pride in the company.

Selecting and leading to victory those who are eager to do so.

Putting proximity managers on the front-line and valuing them for that.

Punctuating the project with periodical meetings and delegating implementation.